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Talent concept


Equality and mutual respect, Innovation, Loyalty and practice

Equality and mutual respect: Treat every employee as a member of family. The cultures of equality and mutual respect are our core value.
Innovation: As a large private enterprise developing rapidly, we observe that continuous innovation is the basic condition for the survival, therefore, innovation and enterprising spirit are important criteria of choosing and employing people.
Loyalty and practice: Loyalty is a virtue, and practice is a quality. We hope to make progress together with Like-minded people and strive practically for Dragonwake’s better future.

Job list


post place number education Life
硬件工程师 武汉 10人 高中 2
Java软件工程师 武汉 5-10人 本科 不限
Android软件工程师 武汉 5-20人 本科 不限
嵌入式软件工程师 武汉 5-10人 本科 不限
网络推广专员 武汉 若干人 高中 不限
销售 武汉 5-20人 不限 不限

Promotion space

promotion space

engineer-project leader-potential manager-manager-Technical director
Network promotion specialist-Web Marketing Manager-Network marketing director
Sales-eBay amazon-Sales Supervisor-sales manager-Marketing Director

fringe benefits

Welfare treatment

working hours:Monday to Friday (9:00-18:00) weekend;
contract:The probationary period is three months, to sign the contract
welfare:Insurance six gold (social insurance and commercial insurance)
Paid annual leave Employee travel Year + year-end bonus Training abroad Birthday welfare Holiday benefits
Full attendence award Excellent staff Award Dividend option

At present, the company is preparing for the listing of three new board, welcome to join us together to a person with breadth of vision!

The company web site.:/en
The telephone company:400-835-1112
Company address:Wuhan high tech Zone of East Lake City, Optics Valley Software Park A11 building 4 floor
bus line:Take the 810.755.785.529.510.586.903.912.405.789 line to the Southern District Station Kuanshan Avenue