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Information release clause

Richuang technology can only be used for legitimate purposes, namely to view information, online consulting, user communication.
⑴ Forbidding the release of information published shortage or false information, if it is found that the user in violation of the relevant provisions on the use, we will retain the suspension or termination of the rights of the service to the user.
⑵ In all the information published on this web site, are not allowed to violate the provisions of the state and local government on Internet network information security laws and regulations, administrative measures and other relevant laws and regulations;
⑶ The content of information released by the release of the information the user is responsible for the interpretation, and bear the resulting consequences and legal liability.
⑷ All the information of this website have the right to use the user through the website, at the same time reserved for users to publish information management, modify, delete right;
⑸ Without the authorization of the site, the site will be banned user information for other purposes.

Service termination clause

⑴ Richuang technology determine the user's behavior is in accordance with the terms of service requirements of the right, if richuang Technology identified the user violates the provisions of the terms of service, have the right to immediately terminate the service to its users and delete the user information
⑵ Richuang technology can be based on the actual situation to amend, suspend or terminate the user part or all of the free service, and reserve the right to do not need to tell the user or any third party


⑴ This website is not guaranteed to provide the free service will not modify, suspend, terminate, delay, there is no guarantee that user information of absolute integrity and security for users free service to modify, suspend, terminate, The loss of delay and user information, this website does not assume any responsibility;
⑵ This site only to itself and by the richuang Technology Commission released information authenticity, validity, accuracy guarantee does not guarantee besides other users released information content the authenticity, validity and accuracy of the information By the visitor self confirmation and content shall bear the risk of using the information at the same time, this site does not bear in addition to other users to publish false information and liability losses caused by.

To amend the terms of service and Service Amendment

Richuang technology has the right to modify the terms of service when necessary, richuang technology customer service terms once change will in the main page tips modify the content. If you do not agree with the content of the changes, the user can take the initiative to stop The network service. If users continue to enjoy network services, will be deemed to accept terms of service